Dodford Village Hall has served the residents of Dodford and the surrounding area since 1863.

Old Hall

Initially it took the form of a church until Dodford became a parish in 1908 when a new church was built. After the First World War it was renamed to commemorate the nine men of Dodford who gave their lives and became known as the Dodford Memorial Hall.  In 1972, plans were formulated for a replacement. The dilapidated wooden building was replaced by the current hall which demonstrates typical 1970’s architecture. Completion took over five years as the majority of the work was done by volunteers. The nine men who gave their lives are now commemorated with a memorial plaque inside the current hall.

New Hall

The relationship between the Village Hall and the community it serves is very special. It provides a focus and allows the people who use it to interact. It helps to keep community spirit alive – it is an integral part of everyday village life.

The trustees aim to ensure the future of the hall in order to continue to enhance the quality of life in the community through provision of a resource that creates and maintains activities that are accessible to all.

There is a strong community spirit in Dodford and the surrounding area. The Village Hall is a centre for wide ranging activities for all ages and abilities – please see our `Activities` and `What’s On` pages for more information.